Tuesday 28 May 2024

Do You Know Singer Harrysong Bed Wets? - Ex Wife Alexer Asks

Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of singer, Harrysong, has hit hard at him following his infidelity allegations against her. Harrysong claimed that his wife, Alexer, was unfaithful in their marriage and got pregnant for another man despite marrying her due to emotional blackmail.

He said he regrets marrying into his wife’s family, claiming that infidelity runs in their family as her mother, who has been married to seven men, still cheats.

Reacting, Peres debunked Harrysong’s claims, saying her mother only remarried once after the death of her father. She also challenged the singer to come forward with evidence that she cheated on him. She went on to claim that it is Harrysong’s mum who has six children out of wedlock for six different men.

Peres further claimed that Harrysong was a product of incest and he bedwets.

Peres said she was open to conducting DNA tests on their children to prove her innocence. She added that the singer was the one who gave her all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases except HIV and Hepatitis B.

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