Wednesday 15 May 2024

Korra Obidi Is A Fraud - Justin Dean Reacts To Korra's $55k GoFundMe

Korra Obidi Is A Fraud - Justin Dean Reacts To Korra's $55k GoFundMe 

Dancer and singer Korra Obidi is facing backlash from fans as she vacation to Hawaii after fans donated over $56,000 GoFundMe, to support her with legal fees for a child custody battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Obidi and Dean divorced in 2022 after four years of portraying a perfect marriage online. Dean accused Korra of cheating and being a narcissist and filed for divorce. Theirs has been a messy divorce, with a US court granting them 50-50 custody of their two daughters.

In 2023, Korra claimed her ex-husband did not take care of the children and refused to sign the required document to acquire a passport, which has hindered their ability to visit her family in Nigeria.

The mother-of-two launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $100,000 to hire a good lawyer on Friday. She started that with it, she could share posts of her children online without waiting for them to turn 18. She claimed that she could not afford proper legal representation due to the outrageous legal fees in Los Angeles.

Many Nigerians turned up for her and helped her raise over $50,000 to support her.

Following the donations, during her Facebook Live on Sunday, Korra announced her plans for a vacation in Hawaii, sparking outrage on social media. While some supported her, others felt scammed and fooled.

The star singer created a GoFundMe account to raise $100,000. At press time, she had received 1,343 donations totalling $56,572.

In a viral video, the content creator addressed the criticism she received after announcing her plans for a vacation in Hawaii. She clarified that she purchased the ticket for her trip before seeking donations and assured Nigerians that any funds contributed would be used for their intended purpose.

She said, “This trip to Hawaii has been booked since. Nigerians, drink water; you will be alright. Jealousy kills. I haven’t collected anything from GoFundMe, and the money will be used for what it says it will be used for.”

Additionally, she posted on her Instagram and captioned, “If a trip I planned a while ago to clear my head is the reason why I should be crucified for asking for help, then nail me on the cross.”

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